Painting Brush Pack 6.0

Krita Resource Bundles by radian
You need krita 4.0 or higher for correct working! If your krita is not fresh enough open "files" and download pack v5.3, it will work fine on older versions. A bit about pack: 1) I did it mostly for myself (sort of backup) this is why here my workspaces and weird tags 2) This pack is rather for...
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Mar 13 2018

Krita 3.3 Default Resources Bundle 1

Krita Resource Bundles by boudewijnrempt
This is the Resource Bundle containing all the standard brushes and resource of 2.4 to 3.3. Its initial incarnation has been put together by Timothée Giet, Ramon Miranda and David Revoy, and has been extended and modified by many others over the years.
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Jan 08 2018

Raghukamath's Brush Pack v2.0

Krita Resource Bundles by raghukamath
This brush pack includes various brushes that I personally use . They are released under cc0 license so you can use them which ever way you like. Most of the brushes are texture based. There are in total 30 brushes in this bundle.
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Dec 09 2016

Inking Pack for Krita 2.2

Krita Resource Bundles by Wolthera
Inking Brush pack for Krita, V. 2.2 ====================== These inking brushes were made by Wolthera van Hövell tot Westerflier using Krita 2.9, and were designed for the Krita brush engine. Feel free to use them in your own work, modify them, or share them with others. In other words, these...
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Dec 06 2016