GMailHand 0.01

Email by patrik08
Console app to get remote Gmail Imap mail by searching on field SUBJECT Header Body... Like: UID SEARCH SUBJECT "foto" SINCE 20-Sep-2013 Download all result on local username dir. or How do I backup All Gmail Mail to eml format? this can be helpful
Rating: 5.0
Oct 25 2013

GmailSender SMTP 0.01

Email by patrik08
Sample code to send mail attachment & html full QTextDocument + Image. And the Chunked transfer encoding Mail format 2013.
Rating: 5.0
Oct 25 2013

GmailSniffer 1.3.1

Email by Katropine
GmailSniffer is a Gmail Notifier for linux, written in QT4, it checks unread gmail emails, if any, it will show a popup notification, or it can be set to use default system (linux) notification can set popup window position can set to use system notifier can enable/disable sound alert can assign...
Rating: 6.5
Jun 14 2013

pyqt-mail-checker 2.0.0

Email by F1ash
Applet should periodic check for new messages in configured accounts. Supported protocols: POP3/POP3S/IMAP4/IMAP4S + IMAP4_IDLE. Passwords for accounts stored in encrypted container (KWallet / Gnome Keyring / Crypto File). Support integrated mail viewer. (remake the kde-plasma-mail-checker)
Rating: 6.0
Jun 13 2013

KShowmail 4.1

Email by kuddel-fl
New Maintainer wanted! I'm looking for a new maintainer for this project because I'm not able to attend it anymore. Please Help! KShowmail is a POP3 mail checker for the KDE with these features: show number, size and more information about mails on pop3 servers in a list view, show the mail...
Rating: 7.0
Dec 09 2012

KGmailNotifier 0.5.2

Email by marcel83
KGmailNotifier is a gmail notifier applet for KDE. When new mail has arrived in your inbox a small window will popup, showing author and subject of the newest mail. The underlined link will take you right to your inbox with your preferred browser. Bug reports, critic, compliments, suggestions,...
Rating: 7.4
Jul 09 2012

meMail 0.2.1

Email by wambagilles
send a mail anonymously, and easily and fast. you chouse the sender name and or address for the message. choose the email where the reply goes. you can event send a mail sithou asender name, and or address. this program will work even if the network is poor.
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Rating: 4.3
Jun 27 2011

Trojita 0.2.9

Email by jkt-jkt
Trojitá is a very fast and lightweight IMAP e-mail client written using the Qt library. While it is not intended for use as a regular e-mail client just yet, it could be interesting to play with it to see if the speed looks compelling to you. What could make Trojitá interesting for you: [li]A...
Rating: 7.5
Jan 14 2011

E-mail Notifier 0.2

Email by ymget
E-mail notification application with built in support for Gmail, Hotmail Live and Yahoo using only username and password. This is on top of POP3 and Imap. Automatically checks for new incoming mail and gives a written notification. All comments, bug reports and suggestions are gratefully...
Rating: 6.0
Dec 25 2010

Qt-GmailNotifier 0.1

Email by yogourta
This a gmail notifier clone. It uses the same notification's animation as the original one.
Rating: 5.0
Nov 26 2010