page flip 0.4

Qt Widgets by lgao
The simulation page flip. contains libs: 1、Window-qt5.6-x86 2、Mac-qt5.3-x64 3、Ubuntu14.04-qt5.3-x86
Rating: 5.0
Sep 14 2017

QLed 0.6.2

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QLed is a Led custom widget plugin for Qt Designer 4.x It requires Qt library 4.x It allows to choose among Circle, Square, Triangle, RoundRect shapes and also allows to choose among Red,Green,Yellow,Orange,Purple,Blue on-colors. Off color is Grey.
Rating: 7.4
Sep 05 2017

QMarkdownTextEdit 17.04.0

Qt Widgets by pbe78
QMarkdownTextEdit is a Qt C++ QTextEdit widget with markdown support and some other goodies. ## Features - markdown highlighting - clickable links with `Ctrl + Click` - block indent with `Tab` and `Shift + Tab` - duplicate text with `Ctrl + Alt + Down` - searching of text with `Ctrl + F` -...
Rating: 6.5
May 23 2017

QMeter 1.0

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QMeter is a custom widget for Qt Creator. QMeter can be used directly from Qt Creator to display values using the "Promote To" function in the designer.
Rating: 7.5
Nov 03 2016

QMLWidgets 0.1.0

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QML custom widgets
Rating: 5.0
Nov 03 2016

QtWidgets 0.1.0

Qt Widgets by qphoton
QtWidgets are custom widgets for Qt Creator. All widgets can be promoted in QtCreator designer window.
Rating: 5.0
Nov 02 2016

Table header view , RbTableHeaderView 0.8.1

Qt Widgets by pzesseto
RbTableHeaderView is the header view has a Table Model based on the QHeaderView. You can easy write a Header view based on table using interface like setSpan(). The RbTableHeaderView is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License...
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Rating: 5.0
Sep 11 2016

tolerance Bar 1.1.0

Qt Widgets by laiju
an input control
Rating: 5.0
Jun 08 2016

SkyplotWidget 2.0.0

Qt Widgets by feddischson
A simple skyplot widget to display a satellite constellation. Features: - Satellites can be added/removed dynamically - A Satellite can have a label - Two colours can be set for a Satellite (circle-colour and ring-colour) - A satellite can blink - A satellite can be painted...
Rating: 6.8
Jan 24 2016

Qt circular gauge widget 1.0

Qt Widgets by Tahar
QcGauge is a C++ Qt circular gauge custom widget, for instrumentation, and real time data measurement visualization, no SVG is needed, The widget is straightforward and easy to use , and implement in a Qt application, it’s very customize-able , you can change the number of degrees...
Rating: 6.5
Dec 18 2015