deepin-kwin effects 2.0

Tutorials and Scripts by antechdesigns
kwin effects for deepin-kwin: https://youtu.be/q7ljxRWCPIM Please add kwinrc file to your home/.config folder, back up the original (just in case)
Rating: 5.0
May 19 2019

Updater-KK - Maintenance bash utility for linux. 1.0.0

Tutorials and Scripts by cristiansunx
Name: Updater-KK (updaterkk.sh) Classification: Bash script / Utility. Function: Execute comands automatically, to make maintenance on the O.S. How to install/use: Execute "updaterkk.sh" on terminal. -- Website: https://github.com/cristiansunx/updaterkk Changelog:...
Rating: 5.0
Jan 26 2019

Resolve some thriller pkg/system issues on Ubuntu/Mint

Tutorials and Scripts by Markospoko
Few instructions that help sorting out "doesn't install"/"it's not working"/"broken packages" kind of system issues on Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and possibly other debs distros =)
Rating: 5.0
Jan 14 2019

i3 dot files

Tutorials and Scripts by madcap
i3 dot files you need rofi, bumblebee bar, i3 gaps.
Rating: 5.0
Oct 10 2018

deepin blur wallpaper fix (nvidia) 1.0

Tutorials and Scripts by antechdesigns
Archlinux & Manjaro instructions: deepin blur wallpaper fix (for nvidia gfx cards)
Rating: 5.0
Oct 03 2018

Arch Linux Install Guide

Tutorials and Scripts by antechdesigns
A Basic Arch Linux Install Guide, Can be used to help install on a virtual machine or on a single hard drive without other OSes installed. Great practice for anybody wanting to try Arch Linux.
Rating: 5.0
Sep 07 2018

Krita Tutorial 4.0.3

Tutorials and Scripts by Tiago188
Krita is the full-featured free digital painting studio for artists who want to create professional work from start to end. Krita is used by comic book artists, illustrators, concept artists, matte and texture painters and in the digital VFX industry. Krita is used by millions of people all over...
Rating: 5.0
May 16 2018

Creating a Aesthetic Wallpaper with Rawtherapee VIDEO

Tutorials and Scripts by charlie-henson
Creating a Aesthetic Wallpaper with Rawtherapee VIDEO I get asked often how to do this with Rawtherapee so I made a short video on to do it my way. Video MP4 1080P The video is in the Zip file with a text file that has install information. Enjoy the video.
Rating: 5.0
Apr 29 2018


Tutorials and Scripts by ShehaniGamage
Rating: 4.3
Mar 09 2018

OneDrive for Linux

Tutorials and Scripts by Hemoo023
Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) Linux Client built using Qt 5 (QtQuick) This is a Qt Creator project and can be imported as such.
Rating: 5.0
Mar 07 2018