Evergreen plymouth theme for Linux Mint

Bootsplash Various by Brahimsalem
To install: --Copy Evergreen folder to /lib/plymouth/themes Type to terminal: sudo update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /lib/plymouth/themes/Evergreen/Evergreen.plymouth 100 sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth select the number...
Rating: 5.0
Apr 23 2013
Rating: 6.5
Mar 04 2013

plymouth-theme-FreshMint plymouth-theme-Fresh

Bootsplash Various by Brahimsalem
Get the grub background at: http://linuxmint-art.org/content/show.php/FreshMint-grub+background%2Bplymouth+theme?content=157216
Rating: 6.0
Feb 28 2013

PCLinuxOS TKB 1440x900

Bootsplash Various by francescobat
Ksplash: PCLinuxOS TKB (Tux, Konqi, Bull). Only 1440x900
Rating: 5.8
Nov 14 2012

FBSplash Steampunk Theme 1

Bootsplash Various by paynalton
SteamPunk theme for FBsplash. You will need mng support to the animations. All packages contain the original .xpm images to edit the animations
Rating: 6.0
Nov 07 2012

eCafe-KDE-ksplash 1.0

Bootsplash Various by paulocorrea1971
Fundos e logos de J. Sh. "sizakor" e Star wolf
Rating: 6.5
Sep 15 2012

rEFInd Gris 0.1

Bootsplash Various by saiko85
A simple gray and white theme for rEFInd
Rating: 6.8
Aug 11 2012

Linux animated bootsplash

Bootsplash Various by Eugene71
This theme includes a nice animated progress bar. It was tested on openSUSE 12.1. Theme supports only 1024x768. If you take it for difference resolution you must change the config file and the images resolution. Hope you like it :) -=Installation=- Before you'll install this theme, I recommend...
Rating: 6.5
Jul 18 2012


Bootsplash Various by CheFuser
This is a FBSplash theme. Use silent mode.
Rating: 6.0
Mar 11 2012

SuSE Eleganter Bootsplash 1.0

Bootsplash Various by foobaz
Based on Cristian Rodriguez's SuSE Elegant theme, but supports many more resolutions. Also has small improvements to the graphics. Get the matching KDM and KSplash themes for a consistent UI. You can find the original SuSE Elegant theme at...
Rating: 7.1
Jan 22 2012