Plasma Color Schemes

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It's a color scheme for KDE 4.x, I did the last version on KDE 4.4.1. It's a black theme which uses sometimes red. You can view a screen in the pictures, and, sorry for my English because i'm French.


05/08/2009: Changes of link colors and other colors.

12/08/2009: Changes of tooltips colors and corrections of others colors.

13/03/2010: KDE 4.4.x integration colors.

Last Update:

13/03/2010: KDE 4.4.x integration colors.

The version is now 0.4

PS: It's not the same as DarkRedDark because i'm not inspired by this theme (for persons who think it's the same).


8 years ago

Thank you for this wonderful color theme, you don't even have the Obsidian-Cost-problem that on some webpages you only see white text on white background.

After applying the color scheme the Oxygen windows still glow blue, but that can be solved by opening System Settings -> Workspace Appearance. In the left menu choose Window Decorations then go to Oxygen, click on Configure Decoration and change to the tab "Shadows". In the right side now you can change the glow colors.

The buttons in the window list do still have a blue frame, but I couldn't figure out where to change that.



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