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AGNi Kernel haydn

System Tools (NOT OS or ROMS) by psndna88
FOR XIAOMI MI 11x Pro/K40 Pro Latest Upstreamed linux kernel with CAF merges
software app
Mar 12 2023


Science by programmin
Repeater-START (Showing The Amateur Repeaters Tool) is a native Linux app to view nearby ham radio
app education ham-radio maps radio repeat software
Mar 13 2022

all png to svg or svgz Scripts [2scripts]

Developers Apps by Blackcrack
This is a zip with 2 Scripts for bash png's to svg's or png to svgz (so compressed svg's) you need installed gzip and Inkscape with Gui, otherwise don't works ! make a Folder, put the 2 scripts into and put your png's into, kick on the script what you want and you have a svg or a...
app blacky convert icons software
Apr 05 2020