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Various Games by paju
JREMOTE is a python program to send joystick/gamepad input over a network connection between two Linux machines. It consists of two programs: The client: It reads inputs from a connected joystick/gamepad and send them over the network to the server. Usage: python client/ -a...
app control joystick linux remote software
Dec 03 2020

Google Image Downloader

Internet Apps by metallaro1980
Google Image Downloader my program adds + between search inputs and exclusion search inputs (you can also use "") to exclude -> checked -> button Filter -> the files will be filtered / ignored if the input search is found in their path to exclude -> not checked -> button Filter -> the files...
app downloader google images linux software
May 16 2019

x265/HEVC GUI for ffmpeg

Video Apps by metallaro1980
x265/HEVC GUI for ffmpeg Gambas 3 freeware source-code freeware unpack in /home/xxxx/x265GUI it generates a command line for ffmpeg (using x265 video codec) with your customs options (override preset) or with a default preset. it will create also a file under the home...
app gnome kde linux software
Mar 05 2018