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TRB Music Player

Audioplayers by thehardgamer
A simple music player i wrote in python, can also convert youtube videos to mp3 and save them locally and convert almost any local music format to mp3 Requirements-: For linux-> You need to have python installed along with ffmpeg, you can simply clone the source and run it as "python"...
app audio music player python software
Jun 06 2021

RadioIt Qt5 based music player for PartyDj/Radio stations

DJ Apps by VectoR
Multiplatform Radio Automation Software formerly Qt4 Radit. RadioIt is a free software project for the automation of radio stations. Among other functions, RadioIt supports: Crossfade between audios. Support for formats (MP2, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC). Folder random play. Event system to...
app audio music player radio software songs
Jun 05 2020


Audioplayers by Hemoo023
Lplayer is a simple audio player for simply listening music or whatever you want. The first time I thinked about lplayer was for listening podcasts. lplayer can set the speed. I normally listen podcasts a 1.8x. So this option was very important for me. But not only. This audio player must have...
app audio player software
Apr 21 2018


Audioplayers by zakariakov
Goldfinch a Qt app Organize your audio files -Dependencies: qt5-multimedia qt5-svg
app audio player qt5 software
Nov 30 2018