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AGNi Game Unlock Module

System Tools (NOT OS or ROMS) by psndna88
Magisk module to unlock High Graphics options in COD & PUBG mobile. Note: 1: DO NOT REPORT ABOUT HEAT/LAGS if device is old generation model. 2: Do not use with other game unlock modules. 3: Unlock for both PUBG & COD is not possible at the moment because of technical limitaitons.
app cod extreme pubg smooth software unlock
Dec 22 2020

AGNi Toolbox

System Tools (NOT OS or ROMS) by psndna88
These are recovery based AGNi toolbox options... for SDM636/660 for advanced users and users in problems. NOT FOR GENERAL USER USE.
agni app software toolbox
Aug 10 2020

Periodic Table

Science by Barud
A modern Periodic Table app for gnome desktop, with the latest update from IUPAC. This is written
app software
Jan 26 2018