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Database by askmeanything
Simple perl and other language programs on your tips Please save perl labeled file with .pl extension while editing or using, files will be uploaded as .txt format
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Jan 27 2021


Database by gthom
GapMea is a visual tool written in C++/QT which helps to design and understand databases. It's based on a french method named Merise and produce beautiful shemas of objects you have to deal with. Once finished you can generate sql code and paste it into your favorite database CLI to generate...
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Dec 18 2017

Kata Kuntur

Database by llullutuqo
Kata Kuntur is an Open Source modeling data tool based on Barker Notation. It is multiplatform and supports many database management systems. With Kata Kuntur, you can: - Made your data models diagrams. - Export your model to a DBMS like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS Server
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Mar 12 2017


Database by fasto
FastoRedis (fork of FastoNoSQL) — is a cross-platform open source Redis management tool (i.e. Admin GUI). It put the same engine that powers Redis's redis-cli shell. Everything you can write in redis-cli shell — you can write in Fastoredis! Our program works on the most amount of Linux systems, a...
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Sep 02 2019