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Developers Apps by elcuco
This is a simple MDI library for Qt 4/5. The goal of this project, is to provide an easy way to modifying menus and toolbars of windows on demand. This can be used to present different menus and toolbars to widgets inside a QTabWidget, hiding or showing a different set of menus on demand or...
app software
Aug 29 2018

all png to svg or svgz Scripts [2scripts]

Developers Apps by Blackcrack
This is a zip with 2 Scripts for bash png's to svg's or png to svgz (so compressed svg's) you need installed gzip and Inkscape with Gui, otherwise don't works ! make a Folder, put the 2 scripts into and put your png's into, kick on the script what you want and you have a svg or a...
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Apr 05 2020


Developers Apps by celibol
PBSTableView QTableView with many extension Filter Row Footer Row Column Auto Width Enable/Disable Sort Auto Edit Quick Customize Add New Row (Down Key Presses On Last Row if not have new row) Delete Row (Ctrl+Del) ...
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Nov 08 2019