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Game Script

Developers Apps by procedural
Game Script is about raising the standards of what it's like to write code fast: you must be able to just double click on the program and start typing code immediately, you must be able to run the code with a single key press, and you must be able to enter the game mode, in which you can fly...
ide scripting gamedev gamescript engine software app
Mar 21 2022

Gardener's Applications

Developers Apps by idabgsram
Just some application made by old gardeners
software app
Dec 27 2021

Puppetry - codeless end-to-end test automation environment

Developers Apps by dsheiko
with no programming background Features Headless Chrome (Puppeteer) and Jest Tests can run within the application
test testing software app
Feb 05 2020

appimagecraft demo project

Developers Apps by TheAssassin
This product demonstrates how simple it can be to make AppImages on the awesome openDesktop
software app
Aug 07 2019

Python ToolTip class for arbitrary tkinter widget

Developers Apps by ugnvs
Tkinter (tcl/tk interface for Python) lacks tooltips for its widgets. This is class which implements tooltips for arbitrary tkinter/ttk widgets. Just add extra tooltip attribute to the instance of a widget as follows: mywidget = some tkinter widget mywidget.tooltip = ...
software python tkinter tooltip app class
Aug 29 2019