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Man Page Editor

Developers Apps by keithhedger
I write a number of my own programs, and have always had a bit of a problem writing the manpage, I have used the excellent 'ManEdit' but development on this has been stalled for a number of years. So I finally decided to write my own and this is the result. This is only the first draft and there...
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May 23 2023

Artistic Style Plugin

Developers Apps by lykurg
The Artistic Style Plugin is an Open Source tool that manages to bring the famous Artistic Style code formatter to the popular Qt Creator IDE. With the help of Artistic Style Plugin one can easily format source code within the editor while coding or one can format the entire project at once.
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Dec 15 2013


Developers Apps by momesana
This is a simple application to test QRegExps. It shows you the captured strings
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Mar 20 2012