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Ai Gate

Utilities by inulute
Ai-Gate brings ChatGPT, Google Bard, Perplexity AI and Anthropic Claude together as collection for your convenience. NO API key needed.
chatgpt bard google claude perplexity app software
Nov 28 2023

Advanced Youtube Client - AYC

Utilities by adithyassekhar
Github: Opencode: (This is a WIP importing from Github) Test out latest featues and bug fixes before everyone: Test builds available on telegram...
yt-dlp ayc video download app software
Nov 26 2023

Cigati vCard Duplicate Remover

Utilities by aryan62
The Best vCard Duplicate Remover Program is a powerful tool designed to help you efficiently eliminate duplicate contacts from your address book files, specifically VCF files. This software operates hassle freely, ensuring the safety of your data throughout the entire process. Once it completes...
duplicate contact vcard vcf bulk app software
Sep 21 2023

Temperature Convert

Utilities by FluxApex
Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa with a few options from the Windows command line.
windows temperature commmandline app software
Jun 15 2023

Beep Frequency

Utilities by FluxApex
A command line wrapper for the Beep function from the win32 API.
windows beep sound commandline hertz app software
Jun 18 2023

Flux Color Convert

Utilities by FluxApex
Windows gui to convert hexadecimal colors to decimal RGB format and vice versa with a few options for the outputs format (prepend '0x', '#', or nothing to the hexadecimal output and the option to automatically copy the output to the clipboard). This is a hybrid program; the [i]gui[/i] is...
windows gui color conversion app software
Jun 12 2023

Box Unicode Characters

Utilities by FluxApex
Print all box characters with their corresponding alt and hexadecimal codes from the Windows command line. Project found here: [url=][/url]
windows commandline unicode app software
May 24 2023

User Name - Windows

Utilities by FluxApex
Get the current user's user name with case (lower, upper, and title) options in Windows. Great for getting the user's name in both the console and other programs.
windows user username commandline app software
May 22 2023

Clean Temp

Utilities by FluxApex
Clean common temporary directories in the Windows operating system from the command line, shortcut, and/or scheduled task...
windows temporary commandline app software
May 06 2023

Windows God Mode

Utilities by FluxApex
Create the famous god mode directory in Windows from the command line. This comes in both 32 and 64 bit (x86 and x64 respectively) and installers are also provided that help to add the path to the %PATH% environment.
windows commandline system utility directory app software
May 10 2023