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Miui Gallery Magisk Module

System Software by arnoldswasanega
Descrypted here: - Changed Module ID from MIUIGallery to MiuiGallery - Makes Sky filters and video editor effects as an optional (please READ Troubleshootings to activate it)
id software module from changed app -
Jul 08 2021

PopcornTime Installer

System Software by hackan301
[i]First of all let me just make it clear that I have nothing to do with popcorn-time. I am not encouraging anyone to use it for other things than legal content :-)[/i] [u]Now then[/u] - Depending on your distro you may or may not have Popcorn-Time in your repos. Regardless of whether or not...
app software popcorn installer
Nov 28 2018

Ambient Light Fix

System Software by hackan301
program will give you many happy hours in front of your screen :-)
screen software app brightness automatic ambient adaptive
Sep 08 2018