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Converse Desktop

Chat & Messenging by kicken
A basic integration of [Converse.js]( and Electron. With OMEMO. ### Features - Permanent account storage - Tray icon - Tray notifications - All the best from Converse.js like system notifications, MAM, OMEMO etc. See details at [Converse.js](
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May 10 2022


Chat & Messenging by JanKusanagi
AkariXB is a bot for the decentralized [b]Jabber/XMPP[/b] network ( ), with a GUI. It's currently in the early-ish development stage, but it can already do several things, like (auto)joining MUC rooms and replying to commands. Several types of custom commands can be created,...
app bot gui jabber software xmpp
Jan 25 2022