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Tell me about my Mac cores

Terminal Apps by Markospoko
This is a simple script that will show how many cores a Mac has wo/ confusion in a case macOS is being used, various tools may show differently a number of them that are for use. Ya can use -fun option to display info in a funnier way, I wrote it to be having funny option. Don't be shy, feel...
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Sep 19 2022

Expel Apple ARM support

Terminal Apps by Markospoko
Expel Apple ARM support - you don't need ARM-like processor support if you use legacy OS or have
app apple arm clean macos software space
Sep 20 2021

shellcheck 0.7.2 for macOS Mavericks

Terminal Apps by Markospoko
ShellCheck is a tool for Bash/sh shell scripts, useful, helping to find errors in shell scripts you write if you need to use it on Mavericks you would need to compile latest ShellCheck because binaries you can download are for newer OS than Mavericks, you need a Haskell compiler for that and it...
app bash scripts shell shellcheck software syntax
May 10 2021

Undamage App [macOS]

Terminal Apps by Markospoko
Undamage App could be handy in case you can't launch app because of "damaged and can't be opened
app damaged launch macos run software start
May 17 2019