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CS Portable

Shooter by screenish
Counter-Strike Portable (abbreviated as CS Port and now known as Critical Strike Portable) is a game based on the Unity graphics engine and using nVidia PhysX physics. It is a copy of Valve's Counter-Strike modifcation. game modes Being a copy of the Counter-Strike game, the game includes the...
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Sep 01 2021

Miui Gallery Magisk Module

System Software by arnoldswasanega
Descrypted here: - Changed Module ID from MIUIGallery to MiuiGallery - Makes Sky filters and video editor effects as an optional (please READ Troubleshootings to activate it)
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Jul 08 2021

Wallpaper Management Switch

Utilities by fenario
This works on Ubuntu 20 and Debian 11. Doesn't work on Debian 10 Switching the Wallpaper Managemnt between the System's own Background setting in: System Tools - Preferences - Settings - Background and Compiz Wallpaper Management. The wallpaper plugin needs to be enabled in: Compiz...
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Oct 02 2020


Terminal Apps by electrolex
Right context menu entries for creating sha512 checksums for Kubuntu *you need to make the scripts executable before using "chmod +x *" [1] Copy the .desktop files to the following path: /home/*****/.local/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/ [2] Copy the *.sh files to...
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May 30 2020


Graphic Apps by electrolex
*If you would like the program to start when you sign in just add the executable to "Startup Applications
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May 30 2020