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STRP x ReVanced x NonRoot

System Tools (NOT OS or ROMS) by crankv2
TEAM! I just Compiled The App with the Latest CLI and rebuild it with STRP Logo rest is all Untouched
revanced latest cli build software app
Nov 26 2022


Security by mgord9518
aisap is a console application that allows easy sandboxing of AppImages in bwrap. It intends
security cli console appimage sandbox software app
Aug 25 2022

Simple Message of the Day for Debian-Based Desktops Servers

Terminal Apps by angelad
Pretty up your terminal / CLI window with ascii art and informational snippets about your system. - Prettify your terminal with ASCII art and informational statistics on each terminal launch - Does not interfere with any system-based MOTD you may have set (/etc/motd) -...
app cli motd software systeminfo terminal
Oct 01 2019