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Flux Color Convert

Utilities by FluxApex
Windows gui to convert hexadecimal colors to decimal RGB format and vice versa with a few options for the outputs format (prepend '0x', '#', or nothing to the hexadecimal output and the option to automatically copy the output to the clipboard). This is a hybrid program; the [i]gui[/i] is...
windows gui color conversion app software
Jun 12 2023

Color Static - CPP Edition

Utilities by FluxApex
Fun command line tool to generate random color animations like a static tv screen. A re-write of my old Bash script of the same name. This is just a fun command line tool based off an [i][b]old [/b][/i]shell script for which I don't remember where it came from. This is written in [i]C++ [/i]and...
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Sep 08 2022


Utilities by FluxApex
[b][color=red]R[/color][color=green]G[/color][color=blue]B[/color]ToHexR[/b] Convert [b]decimal[/b] [i][color=red]red[/color][/i], [i][color=green]green[/color][/i] and [i][color=blue]blue[/color][/i] colors to [b]hexadecimal[/b] format from the [i]command line[/i] with a few...
app cli color conversion software
Jan 05 2021