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Wil Editor

Graphic Apps by baiyqukq
WIL(Wemade Image Library) editor There is a library to parse WIL file: Full features, need to accomplish: * Cross-platform supported * Convenient to view images * Convenient to extract images * Base edit functions: add, remove and replace * Modify offset...
wil wix graphics gamedev software app
Nov 22 2022

Color Static - CPP Edition

Utilities by FluxApex
Fun command line tool to generate random color animations like a static tv screen. A re-write of my old Bash script of the same name. This is just a fun command line tool based off an [i][b]old [/b][/i]shell script for which I don't remember where it came from. This is written in [i]C++ [/i]and...
linux fun cli graphics color software app
Sep 08 2022


Graphic Apps by faster
. Selecting a resampling filter to resize images. Convert a PDF document into images If you appreciate
images converter graphics qt5 photo app software
Aug 30 2022

Freeware Marriage Invitation Card Maker

Graphic Apps by drpusoftware
Freeware Marriage Invitation Card Designer Software provides the option to create and manage batch processing series features that allow users to create multiple copies of wedding invitation cards. Marriage invitation card software allows users to design new cards and modify existing cards with...
app graphics software
Dec 03 2021

Freeware Kids Birthday Invitation Maker

Graphic Apps by drpusoftware
Freeware kids birthday card software allows users to create personalized and colorful birthday cards with the ability to add a photo, text, icon, and personal message. Program provides birthday party details feature, which helps in mentioning invitation details like venue, date, and time, as...
app graphics software
Dec 02 2021

Freeware Party Invitation Card Designer

Graphic Apps by drpusoftware
, star, rectangle, text, shape, signature, watermark and picture in the invitation cards. Application
app editing graphics software
Dec 14 2021

MD Screen Ruler

Graphic Apps by md2222
Screen ruler with simple color picker and screenshot tool. Measures the selected area. Has the magnifier for precise selection. Overlaps the screen with a transparent window for drawing. The taskbar does not overlap. Selecting an area with Ctrl key leaves the selection when the mouse button is...
app graphics ruler software themes
Sep 27 2021


Graphic Apps by jbal
Simple to use paint program like Paintbrush for Mac or classic MS Paint, but for Linux 1. Features - Drawing tools Lines Arrows Rectangles Ellipses Pencil Text Brushes Flood fill Rounded...
app draw graphics images paint raster software
Jan 13 2021


Graphic Apps by sallewell
KXStitch can be used to create cross stitch patterns, either from imported images or directly by the user. The download link is to the official KDE download mirrors and contains a source tarball. OpenSuSE packages are maintained by myself on the OpenSuSE Build Service.
app graphics software stitching
Jun 09 2019