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FTP by cdemon
JFtp - the java network browser. JFtp is a graphical network browser. It supports various types of connections like FTP, SMB, SFTP, NFS, HTTP and local ones, has a nice Swing GUI, lots of features and can be started & (auto)updated using Java Web Start in any browser. It has a nice gui and...
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Feb 17 2005


FTP by masneyb
gFTP is a multithreaded file transfer client for *NIX based machines It has text and GTK+ 1.2/2.x interfaces and supports the FTP, FTPS (control connection only), HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH protocols and has FTP and HTTP proxy server support. It supports UNIX, EPLF, Novell, MacOS, VMS, MVS, and NT...
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Feb 06 2005


FTP by ziberpunk
A simple, easy to use and portable graphical SFTP client wxSFTP aims to be a simple, easy-to-use, and portable SFTP client. Simple means that the program will have only the main features needed. The structure consists of a two panel window, one for the local filesystem and another for the...
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Dec 19 2004