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Utilities by posktomten
Please visit A program for calculating hash sums. - Text to speech - Choose whether you want to calculate the hash sums, or compare two files - You can choose the calculation algorithm. (MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512,...
app appimage hash software uniqe
Jun 29 2022

DRS MySQL Database Repair Tool

Utilities by drsumair
DRS MySQL Database Recovery software is an advanced solution that can help users to recover and restore highly corrupted MySQL Database files. The software allows you to store entire MySQL Database objects including tables, SP, keys, triggers, views, data types, etc. It is capable of recovering...
app database software sql
Jul 04 2022

GainTools Outlook Extractor

Utilities by gaintoolssoftware
, calendars, contacts, and attachments. All or desired items extraction from PST files is performed by the App
app extractor outlook software window
Jul 08 2022

PDS NSF to PST Converter Software

Utilities by yuvraj
PDS NSF to PST Converter is an amazing Software that helps to change your Lotus Notes Mailbox information to Outlook PST document. It's a very productive email/mailbox conversion Software which is utilized to export all the email properties into Outlook (PST). Some Lotus Notes client need to...
app nsf nsftopst pst software
Jul 09 2022

DRS Excel to vCard Converter

Utilities by drsumair
If you Excel file is too large and not responding properly, then you can convert your Excel file to vCard for smooth access. The Excel to vCard Converter tool has a capability to convert Excel files to vCard as vCard files are very small in size and can be opened easily. The tool supports all...
app excel software vcard vcf xls xlsx
Jul 12 2022

MailVita PostBox to PST Converter for Mac

Utilities by romanjones
MailVita Postbox to PST Converter for Mac application. The tool works smoothly in any of the Mac Operating
app converter macos postbox pst software to
Jul 05 2022

MailVita Office 365 Backup for Mac

Utilities by romanjones
the below-provided steps. These steps include: Step 1- Download the Office 365 backup app on your local
365 app backup macos office software
Jun 30 2022

MailVita Hotmail Backup for Mac

Utilities by romanjones
this MailVita Hotmail Backup for Mac application. This simple and easy to be used tool directly backups
app backup hotmail macos software
Jun 25 2022

MailVita G Suite Backup for Mac

Utilities by romanjones
The G Suite Backup for Mac Application will be a boon for the users who want to back
app backup g macos software suite windows
Jul 02 2022

MailVita Yahoo Backup for Mac

Utilities by romanjones
. It is an independent tool that a user can use for the backup of their Yahoo files. This application supports all Mac
app backup macos software windows yahoo
Jun 28 2022