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KDE 5 Template Manager

Dolphin Service Menus by supremoh
KDE 5 Dolphin Service Menu for managing templates. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Templates are such a good feature for productivity. They are used to define a unique non-executable file format intended specifically for a...
dolphin kde5 automation manager template addon
Jun 04 2021

Canada Prime Autos Easy and Quick Car Loan Toronto

Collections by canadaprimeautos
Canada Prime makes car and loan shopping possible from the comfort of one’s own home. It also enables dealerships to, instead of waiting to be approached, take the lot to the customers. The process is short and easy and includes a form to clarify the type of car one wants and a ballpark figure t...
cars automation
Mar 29 2021

Autohosts - Block Ads Spyware and Tracking at the Root Level

Security by angelad
Auto Hosts will automate the setup process for maintaining an up to date hosts file, by: - Installing a weekly cronjob to pull fresh/updated copies of hosts lists (default is every Sunday at 7:22pm) - (Default custom_filters and firefox-includes) source appends Facebook trackers,...
privacy automation adblocking security software app
Feb 14 2021

Resgen - Automate Resume an Cover Letter Scrape Job Listing

Office Apps by angelad
Easily keep track of jobs you've applied to. Automate resume & cover letter creation; generate PDFs from .odt templates on the fly while scraping the job post & tracking employer status. A Ruby-based application to automate the lengthy steps for writing and dating cover letters. Generate...
resume tracker libreoffice terminal automation software app
Oct 06 2020