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Blender 2.92 full appimage

3D Graphics by haylem
Blender 2.92 full appimage
blender 2.92 linux appimage 3d software app
Apr 22 2021

Fedora Spinning Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by hentailinuxer
A spinning animation inspired on fedora logo so simple and so stupid i'm thinking why nobody has done this before. It's very easy to install on Fedora. Just copy the fedoraspinning folder to /usr/share/plymouth/themes and run: $ sudo plymouth-set-default-theme fedoraspinning -R If you...
fedora spin spinner blender plymouth linux unix splashscreen bootscreen
Oct 21 2020

Graphitegirl Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by hentailinuxer
Yep another softporn plymouth animation. - How to install? The usual! Umpack te 7z file to /usr/share/plymouth theme. Install and select the theme with appropriate command for your distro and update init boot image. There is 2 files. A big one for 1920x1080 and another whit white strokes...
blender bootsplash erotic animation bgrt linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Oct 01 2020

AssPining Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by hentailinuxer
Just a plymouth theme inspired on spinfinity theme. But... with one butt. -How to install? The usual. Just put the uncompressed folder on /ust/share/plymouth/themes and updade init. -But, why you did dath? To see a spinned ass on my computer boot every day. -Why? Just Why? I...
plymouth erotic bootscreen bootsplash blender linux unix splashscreen
Sep 22 2020

Splash-Screen ART for GIMP SET2

Gimp Splashes by Andy2015
Make with GIMP 2.8 and Blender By Chumpen Suksapar Create a splashes directory in your in your
addon splashscreen splashes blender gimp
Mar 12 2018

Antergos still life wallpaper

Wallpapers Arch by nestort
something unknown behind. Made with Blender with Luxcore engine. Check out other wallpapers I have
arch antergos manjaro blender 3-d wallpaper artwork
Dec 02 2018

Debian Temple

Wallpapers Debian by nestort
-looking temple. Made with Blender + Luxcore. I'd say it took about 30h to render (this kind of indirect
debian blender render buddhist temple wallpaper artwork
Jun 18 2018