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Semabe - Transparent Dark

Cinnamon Themes by sewbej
A dark theme with transparent elements, shadows, gradients, transitions and rounded corners. There are two versions - more or less transparent. And eleven color variants. Tested on Linux Mint 21.1 You can easily create your own color variant. Just modify these values: | /* theme colors (red,...
cinnamon dark-theme gtk-3 glassy linux unix theme
May 10 2023

Desert dark - xfce4

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by wphoenix
this is a modification of the following projects [Desert]( [Desert-XFCE-4.16 Edition]( Install Papirus icon theme ArchLinux sudo pacman -S papirus-icon-theme Debian sudo apt install papirus-icon-theme Fedora ...
dark-theme dots gnome linux theme unix xfce xfce4
Aug 31 2021

Plasma 5 Windows Blur

Various Plasma Theming by TheXellix
This is my first upload on this site. To apply this theme you need to: Have OpenGL enabled Import the "BlurRule" to kwin's rules Download and make executable "Enable" put "Enable" at startup. This theme is like Oxygen-transparent but it works on all themes Thanks to Cyelis1224...
1024x768 blur dark-theme kde linux plasma plasma5 theme unix
Jul 22 2021