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Breeze Dark Neutral

Plasma Color Schemes by hellokartikey
Removes bluish tint from the Breeze Dark Theme.
breeze dark neutral gray dark-theme linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Jan 20 2022

Maw Sit Sit

Plasma Color Schemes by doncsugar
A fun green modification of Breeze Dark. Features green buttons and headers. If you run into any contrast issues, please comment. For use with [url=]Spectrum Maw Sit Sit[/url]. For variants, check out the [url=]Colors...
kde linux plasma spectrum unix theme colorscheme dark dark-theme breeze green
Apr 21 2021

Breeze Black

Plasma Color Schemes by cskanani
Breeze dark theme modified for pure black backgrounds. Colors: Aurorae: Wallpaper: Icons: Plasma:
linux plasma kde black colorscheme dark dark-theme breeze theme unix
Feb 11 2020