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Semabe - Transparent Dark

Cinnamon Themes by sewbej
A dark theme with transparent elements, shadows, gradients, transitions and rounded corners. There are two versions - more or less transparent. And eleven color variants. Tested on Linux Mint 21.2 You can easily create your own color variant. Just modify these values: | /* theme colors (red,...
cinnamon dark-theme gtk-3 glassy linux unix theme
Nov 16 2023

Night Owl - KDE Plasma Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by serhiyguryev
Night Owl: a dark color scheme for the KDE Plasma desktop environment. Night Owl is based on Monochrome KDE and Breeze Dark color schemes
kde-plasma color-scheme dark-theme dark kde linux unix theme plasma colorscheme
Oct 26 2023

Mint-Y for Kvantum

Kvantum by armanelgtron
A Kvantum theme designed to mimic the Mint-Y themes found in Linux Mint, adapted from KvArc*. Includes the light and dark Mint-Y themes, as well as the following color variations of those themes: Aqua, Blue, Brown, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Sand, and Teal
kvantum mint-y dark-theme linux-mint mint linux unix theme
Apr 10 2023

Gimp City Theme

Gimp Themes by perelax
A collection of 3 dark themes for GIMP inspired by 'City Lights'.
addon dark-theme gimp gtk themes
Dec 22 2022

Kv GTK Set

GTK3/4 Themes by darkeye90
KvGTK-Set (better for plasma and LXQT/ standalone window manager) GTK themes to match Kv themes NOTE: ===== The window decoration is NOT INCLUDED Installation: to install you have to install oomox (themix) copy the file you want to .config/oomox/colors then run oomox find the theme and...
dark-theme gnome kvantum linux oomox theme unix
Mar 15 2022


GTK3/4 Themes by joseskvolpe
A foxy red dark skeuomorphic theme with glassy and OSX-style effects This theming was made for KDE Plasma, other desktop environments are currently experimental *Cinnamon tested *Gnome needs some improvements Forked from OS-X-Leopard theme by B00merang-Project
dark-theme fox glassy gnome linux red red-black theme unix
Jan 26 2022

Orchis Light Ulauncher Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by lsteam
Orchis Light for Ulauncher theme
dark dark-theme extension gnome linux orchis ulauncher unix
Dec 08 2021

Atom One Dark Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by unnat
A linux desktop theme with Atom's one dark color scheme - made in oomox theme designer. Availaible - GTK 2/3 theme, qt5 color scheme, cinnamon, metacity, openbox, unity, xfwm4.
atom dark-theme gnome gtk linux one theme unix
Oct 21 2021

Dark Ice

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by ottop
A simple dark theme for XFWM4. It provides custom title bars and title icons (which are mostly taken from my IceWM Dark Ice theme). There isn't much else special about it since it's a standalone theme for XFWM4. To install it, place the theme in ~/.themes/darkice/xfwm4 for your user or...
dark dark-theme linux theme unix xfcwm4
May 19 2021

Inspired Desktheme - xfce

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by wphoenix
i use Papirus icon theme
dark dark-theme dots linux theme unix xfce-theme xfce4
Aug 31 2021