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Darkine theme for Firefox Quantum [WebExtension]

Firefox Extensions by Rokin
Firefox Quantum theme based on KDE Darkine colors. The theme (signed) is available at [URL=]at[/URL]. (recommended).
addon darkine firefox quantum dark dark-theme
May 13 2019

C1B Cards

Aisleriot by dchris
[b]Dark version of C1 card set for Aisleriot[/b] [url=]Original C1 Cards[/url] --------------------------------------------------------------- [b]How to install and use[/b] As root, copy cards file (C1B_Black_Cards.svgz) into...
aisleriot gnome minimalism solitaire dark-theme addon
May 01 2019


Gimp Themes by AbdullahRagb
i created the theme to give gimp 2.8.x a similar look and feel as Photoshop. >> Please do not forget to place your feedback.
addon dark theme for gimp dark-theme
Mar 14 2019

School Material

Full Icon Themes by schoolmaterialbob
UPDATE!! I am trying to implement another one of material designs philosophies, namely to use more than one action on an element, to show it's importance, since it is difficult;t to animate icons without your theme. Instead I'm trying another method, color. First, just on the folder components,...
material xfce openbox dark-theme gnome linux unix icon-theme
May 28 2019


Plasma Themes by adhe
An incremental project based on breeze and nomad, each week we will perfect our style
linux unix theme kde plasma desktop dark-theme
May 18 2019


Full Icon Themes by Rokin
Icon-pack for KDE Darkine (or dark themes) based on the official Breeze theme as well and as on the Papyrus theme for the icons of action bar. You'll be able to get the full theme collection here : [URL=][b]Darkine collection[/b][/URL]. The theme / collection...
darkine plasma kde dark dark-theme linux unix icon-theme
May 17 2019

Pisi Linux Splash Theme

Plasma Splashscreens by prdsmehmetstc
Pisi Linux Splash Screen Theme for KDE Plasma 5
linux unix theme kde plasma plasma-5 splashscreen pisi pisilinux pisi-linux dark-theme splash
Sep 16 2019

Inkscape Dark Theme for Windows

GTK2 Themes by simbotbiz
A dark theme for Inkscape on Windows based on the latest GIMP dark theme! # How to install on Windows 1. GO TO C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\themes\MS-Windows 2. RENAME your gtk-2.0 folder to gtk-2.0-original 3. COPY the provided gtk-2.0 folder 4. GO TO C:\Program...
inkscape dark-inkscape dark-theme linux unix theme gnome gtk2
May 08 2019

Arc Black Themes Collection Spring-Summer 2019

GTK3/4 Themes by oskonnikov
Based on original Arc Theme with transparent elements. Basic color is PantoneĀ® Black 6C and its shades. Accent colors based on PantoneĀ® Spring/Summer 2019 palette: 1. Living Coral 16-1546 - color of the Year 2019 2. Pepper Stem 17-0542 3. Jester Red 19-1862 4. Aspen Gold 13-0850 5. F...
linux unix theme gnome flat material mate dark-theme multicolor
Jun 16 2019


GTK3/4 Themes by felipefacundes
The FF-Flamengo-RJ-BR Theme is based on the colors of the football team: Flamengo, from the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is readable, dark and very attractive to the eye. For all the environment GTK, GTK2, GTK3, Cinnamon, Gnome Shell, XFCE, Metacity, Openbox and etc ... (FF - Felipe...
theme dark-theme themes gnome gtk3 linux unix
May 19 2019