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Questionable Content [eng]

Plasma Comic Sources by mfuchs
Questionable Content [1] plugin for plasma comic. [1] [url][/url]
unix plasma kde linux comic-source extension
Sep 24 2019


Cairo Clock by dewman12
Cairo Clock Theme
cairo-clock extension unix linux
Oct 19 2015


Conky by drxnele
wireless screenlet is used to show current status of your wireless device... it's showing signal quality in % and signal and noise level in dBm if you have some new ideas for improve I would like to hear it... leave comments :) note: If you want to vote bad, please let me know what you...
linux unix extension conky
Apr 04 2012

Gnu-Linux : Refreshing OS

Various Gnome Stuff by MadeInKobaia
A set of 5 backgrounds for mobiles : Colors : > Iced Coffee > Mint > Orange > Plum > Sparkling Water Resolutions : > 640 x 960 > 480 x...
unix linux extension gnome
Jul 25 2011

KDE4 Icon Cache Reset

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Blackcrack
Useful if you change you Icontheme and want reset you cache of icons ! This link it is only a Desktop-file for Kde4 who delete the icon-cache of kde4 open konsole and execute this script and there for can rebuild KDE with the actual Icons a new Cache and let show from there on all Icons...
extension unix linux kde plasma
Sep 20 2012

commie conky

Conky by subverted
commie conky for 23 inch monitor. Now with kremlin font! Update for April 20th: New Dark Clock with Blue dividers with Kremlin Font titles. The RSS feed is so useful. It reminds me to check the World Socialist Website. Today I learned about Kissinger's latest scandal with Letelier's...
conky extension unix linux
Apr 21 2010

Clear Weather Screenlet

Conky by Whise
A Weather Screenlet modified from the original to look more clear and to enable the use of icon pack , you can use any icon pack compatible with , you can find many packs on or by Helder Fraga aka Whise based on Weather...
extension conky linux unix
May 11 2008


GnoMenu Skins by pegellinux
gnomenu extension unix menu linux
Mar 10 2011

branco lucido awn theme

AWN Themes by enraim
este tema funcionara a penas na versão do awn 0.4.1 ou superior his theme will work only on version awn 0.4.1 or higher você também pode fazer uma doação para a empresa lynex para manter vários projetos Linux you can also make a donation to the company lynex to maintain several projects for...
unix linux extension dock awn
Feb 26 2011


Plasma 4 Extensions by christau
Please note: This page is deprecated. Please visit for all the lastest downloads and infos. A while ago i wrote a news-scrolling program for windows that worked exactly like the good old KNewsTicker on linux. 2008 i switched completely to linux and now i wanted...
extension linux plasma-4 plasma kde widget unix
Mar 06 2011