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Snoopy [eng]

Plasma Comic Sources by mfuchs
[url=]Snoopy[/url] plugin for plasma comic.
plasma kde linux comic-source extension unix
Sep 24 2019


Conky by akshendra
Visit the link below to download and for instruction on setting this up
unix linux conky extension
Jul 30 2015

METROlux for UBUNTU 14.4LTS FULL install

GnoMenu Skins by COLOH
Free METROlux menu. Full with all the necessairy applications installed. ======================================= METROlux NOW FREE AVAILABLE ON DVD ISO. see website link. ======================================= Preorder METROluxPRO ( with content sidebar + Mobile technique...
extension gnomenu unix linux menu
Apr 19 2016

Smooth information Conky

Conky by dj-jesse
Smooth_Information conky Elementary O.S Freya Conky by me Just updated one of my old configs. Added a bit more information Made for Conky Manager
conky extension linux unix
Jan 12 2015

Yosemite like window buttons for Unity

Various Gnome Stuff by LoneWalker
Mac OS 10.10 like close, minimize and maximize buttons for Ubuntu 14.04 Author: Aditya Samanta License: No limitations, no warranty, no nothing! How to use: Assuming themes are installed in your home directory (~/.themes) Copy all icons of a desired size (Recommended size: 18x18) Go...
linux unix extension gnome
Aug 21 2014

Colorful Transparent Tiles Conky

Conky by nawazqaisar
This conky set contains: time, date, weather-now & forecast for today, system temperature, disk-space, cpu & ram usage, current process, and rss feeds rss feeds at the bottom are: Google News (blue), ESPN Sports (green), Webupd8 linux news (red) [b]Installation...
extension conky unix linux
Jun 19 2014

Systematic Clocknky

Conky by tuxkernel
Clock or watch for Conky. I don't know exactly :-D Based in SysMetrix By Xymantic. Installation: 1.- Open a Terminal (Applications-Accesories-Terminal) and type: sudo apt-get install conky-all 2.- Download and untar Systematic Clocknky theme 3.- Rename Conky folder to...
unix conky extension linux
Jun 16 2014

Mexico's matches on Brasil 2014

Conky by tuxkernel
Mexico's matches on FIFA Brasil 2014 World Cup Conky Theme. Includes all Mexico's matches (Fase groups) and ¬°Gran Final! match countdowns in REALTIME!!! Installation: 1.- Open a Terminal (Applications-Accesories-Terminal) and type: sudo apt-get install conky-all 2.- Download and ...
extension conky linux unix
Jun 12 2014

Conky Lucid Blue 2.0 FullHD_PL

Conky by austin78
INSTALL: 1. Open a terminal and run: sudo apt-get install conky 2. Extract downloaded file to /home/YOURNAME/ so it should look like this: /home/YOURNAME/.conkytheme/ 3. In folder included script to start theme, You can add it to autostart. 4. In terminal enter: sh...
unix linux extension conky
Dec 30 2013


Conky by sanketkrsingh
DoneByMe : --------------------- 1. Well I have created all the conkyrc config files (a hell lot of adujustments as this is my first conky theme) and I'm not using any script for displaying weather report. 2. I've created a mapping file (grayscale/data/compare) compare which is used to...
unix extension conky linux
Aug 07 2013