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Cairo-Dock Themes by m0g13r
put it in your shoebox ;) change in /usr/share/cairo-dock/icons/box-front.png .... and box-back.png with the images from the download got the image from 1.1 small change in size .. added a bit of shadow ... think looks better
applet cairo cairo-dock dock extension folder linux unix
May 31 2020

CircleTab - a Cairo-Dock theme for the rest of us.

Cairo-Dock Themes by AVturbine
When I installed Cairo-Dock because Docky kept crashing on me, I didn't like any of the default themes. Looking at other third-party themes on the Web, they all seemed to have a circa-2003 vibe to them, which I didn't like either. Several hours of tweaking later, I came up with CircleTab,...
cairo-dock dock extension linux unix
Mar 10 2018