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Alterf - Conky theme

Conky by closebox73x
Instalation see [url=]How to apply[/url], if there is an error please read it again. Since there are limitations to API calls from openweather, I suggest creating your own api_key and then overwrite the one in or to avoid...
ricing desktop widget customize conky-conf linux unix extension conky
Nov 25 2023


Plank Themes by htwo
### For a full experience, enable the "Fill" feature in "Preferences - Alignment" ### 1.0 >#Window Dark + #Window Light + #Window Grey + #Window Green 2.0 >#Window Cardinal + #Window Maya + #Window Purple + #Window Rust 3.0 >#Window Dark Fade Out + #Window Light Fade Out+ #Window Grey...
plank dock plankdock windows11 windows linux unix extension
May 19 2023

System Monitor Plasmoid

Plasma 5 Monitoring by bstrong5280
# System Monitor Plasmoid Plasmoid to view several Items from system Monitor. Best way I have found to update to new a version is to use kpackagetool5, details below. Note: If you are trying to update to newest version using Discover and it is not working, you may be missing the...
system monitor plasmoid widget linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 monitoring
May 10 2023

Conky Deer

Conky by iarayed
Hope you like the new skin. Inspired from apexxx-sensei Polygonilyc rain meter skin. Support me by leaving a comment.
conky rainmeter clock conkyskin linux unix extension
Mar 26 2023

Battery bar

Plasma 5 Applets by lonelytrainsistor
This plasmoid adds a battery bar to the background of a KDE Plasma panel. Add it to the beginning of a panel or place it in a spot of choosing and adjust the offset accordingly in the config. Don't forget to rate. :) The trick used is an overflow of a QML widget's elements into its container....
bar battery extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Dec 31 2022

Present Windows Button for Willow

Plasma 5 Applets by doncsugar
A fork of Zren's [url=]Present Windows Button[/url], customized for use with Willow. Selecting the 64px icon will let it scale to panel height. See [url=]Willow Desktop[/url] to automatically install this.
extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Feb 24 2022

Sirius deepLight

Plank Themes by ptalfred
[h5][color=#020052][b]SIRIUS deepLight[/b] from Cupertino Series[/color][/h5] [b]WALLPAPER[/b] [URL=]OUTUMN by PT_Alfred[/URL] [b]FOR MORE DETAILS[/b] [URL=]Sirius deepLight at Artwork &...
cupertinoseries dock extension linux plank ptalfplank unix
Nov 10 2021

Deepin V20 Layout for Latte Dock

Latte Layouts by fkorpsvart
¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ [b]Layout for Latte Dock in version 20 of the Deepin Dock!![/b] Deepin V20 will be released very soon, and we already have a preview of what will be the improvements in its interface. A little ahead of that long-awaited release, I have tried to recreat...
deepin dock extension gnome kde latte linux unix
Nov 20 2021

Alpaca Clock and Weather

Plasma 5 Clocks by eduardoforca
[b]Beautiful time and weather widget[/b] Alpaca Clock and Weather is a Plasma Widget (Plasmoid) that shows date/time information as well as weather data in a pleasant manner. It is loosely based upon Antares - Conky Theme by Khiky-Merveilles. Datetime info is taken from the system and...
weather plasmoid clock time date linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
Dec 18 2021


Plasma Comic Sources by mfuchs
[url=]Dilbert[/url] plugin for plasma comic.
comic-source extension kde linux plasma unix
Nov 08 2020