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Numix-SX Docky Theme

Docky Themes by leipero
Flat Docky theme made to fit Numix themes. 3 versions available: Dark Dark-L Light Installation: Extract tar.gz archive, open Docky Settings, click install theme, select .tar file for prefered theme, choose theme from Docky selection menu.
linux extension dock docky unix
Apr 03 2016

Enigmo Docky Theme

Docky Themes by Donaldp
Enigmo Docky is a Docky theme. Install instructions are inside the zip file
extension dock docky unix linux
Aug 30 2014

Docky theme : Doo Bop (2D, 3D, 2 colors)

Docky Themes by MadeInKobaia
A simple and sober theme composed of a semi-transparent background with a slight inner bevel effect. 2 Background versions : white & black (semi-transparent). Works on 2D and 3D mode (and of course on PANEL mode). Works with all icons sizes. | Install : Copy both themes from the...
unix extension dock docky linux
Feb 12 2013

Docky with black triangle indicators

Docky Themes by N00bun2
A custom build of Docky that addresses the issue of the practically invisible indicators when using a light or transparent dock theme. Built for x86 and amd64. Includes my custom OSX docky theme, just select the "Glass" theme.
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Jan 27 2012

Metro Docky

Docky Themes by BassUltra
A docky theme. Works best with 32px icons. Only "normal" mode works. (no 3d, full panel the way I want it to.) 48px version will be available soon.
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Feb 04 2011

Docky Main Menu

Docky Themes by RishavT
Hey guys. This is not really an app, but more of a how-to to get a main-menu sort of thing in Docky. I've been using AWN for quite sometime now, but thats because of the lack of many docklets in docky; the main-menu being an important one (atleast for me). So I checked out this post on...
linux extension dock docky unix
Feb 02 2011