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Western Saloon

Various Stuff by Brahimsalem
-Menu icon included in the zip file Installation: - To install download it and and decompress it in ~/.themes. - Set bottom panel height to 40 pixels
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Mar 20 2013

Steam dockmanager script

Various Stuff by NickLion
Steam dockmanager script. Allow run installed games and use steam actions (store, library, etc.) from icon tasks context menu. Great thanks to gnumdk ([url][/url]), cause I don't know python and have used his work...
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Dec 31 2012

Bespin Blur

Various Stuff by hamidsafdari
To apply this theme you need the Bespin style: Go to Style > choose Bespin from the drop down menu and > click on Configure > in the Presets window click on Import and > find the download bespin file. Double click on it. > Then again in the Presets window choose the new preset and click on...
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Jul 31 2012

Complete Dark & Bright suite

Various Stuff by Moviuro
This is a color sheme + bespin theme + shortcut command + konsole theme + utility combo. As I often go from bright to dark places now, I have to whether change brightness or color scheme. And I found the kcss utility to switch colorschemes easily :) Enjoy and feel free to comment :) PS:...
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Apr 29 2012


Various Stuff by Mte90
This as a template for Lepton based on Kde air The css are more simple and is adaptable to other cms. I'm not interested to convert on other cms actually. Starting the support for ie.
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Jan 08 2012

KDE Twitter Background

Various Stuff by liquidsky
A background image inspired by the offical KDE 4.5 Wallpaper. Made with GIMP. I hope you like it.
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Jul 11 2010


Various Stuff by gefarion
This is a chrome/chromium theme for kde 4.4.x. Is designed to fit with oxygen window decoration. Install: 1- Remove gradient from window decoration on chrome/chromium: System Settings -> Appearance -> Windows -> Windows Specific Overrides -> Create a new rule for chrome/chromium and set...
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Apr 06 2010

Sample Wallpaper Scripts

Various Stuff by priomsrb
This is a collection of scripts that print the path to a wallpaper image. It is mainly meant to be used for the Scripted Image Wallpaper Plugin ( However you may use it for anything you want. These scripts are easy to use and do not...
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Dec 14 2009