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Evolvere KTelepathy Adium message style

Various Stuff by franksouza183
Part of Evolvere theme suit, soon [b]Demo:[/b] [b]Installation:[/b] On Kubuntu install it by extracting the file in [b]~/.kde/share/apps/ktelepathy/styles/[/b], or in [b]/usr/share/kde4/apps/ktelepathy/styles/[/b] for all users. The path is probably...
linux unix extension
Mar 16 2014


Various Stuff by neo14515
This is my first theme so it might have some issue. It is a theme for Thunderbird and the Lightening addons. It is based on the oxybird2 theme and the Firefox oxygen theme. This is a work in progress. I would like in the end to achieve a better integration of Thunderbird in KDE. Fell free to...
extension linux unix
May 01 2012