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Whisker menu transparent rounded DARK/LIGHT mode

Various Stuff by lsteam
This is Xfce whisker-menu custom with transparent and rounded on top. available in dark/light mode extract and copy gtk.css to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/ open terminal, then reload xfce4-panel config by running the following command : xfce4-panel -r Set background opacity whisker-menu to 95
extension linux menu unix whisker xfce xfce4
Mar 13 2022


Various Stuff by jaywilkas
xpytile [ ] Tiling and simultaneous resizing of side-by-side windows for Xfce. Purpose A Python script to auto-tile and to simultaneously resize docked windows. Features: Simultaneous resizing of adjacent windows 5 different tilers Hotkeys for: Tiling...
automatic extension linux resizing tiling unix window xfce
Oct 13 2021