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My kroller1024

Various KDE Stuff by Adenilson
This is the bar to access the most popular applications in your Kde.
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Jul 18 2011

HypnoQuit V3.3

Various KDE Stuff by aubreybourke
HypnoQuit is a free Java program that helps you to quit smoking. It does this by displaying subliminal messages on the scren. If you like you can configure your own messages. This version also has a text to speech function. For more info see the changelog below...
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Oct 29 2010

KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano
Welcome to KXDocker 1.x.x, the successor of KXDocker 0.39 KXDocker is an innovative docker for KDE Features: I've rewrite all the code. I need to write new features! Try it, KXDocker 1.X.X make it different: Now with Mouse gestures for Exposè! If you need to contact me, please send me ...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Apr 15 2006