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Chromium Activities

Various KDE Stuff by skeleton21
this script allows you to have the same chrome profile open on several different activities with different saved tabs. synchronization is one way and changes to chrome settings made in another activity will not be shared with other instances of chrome. for example: adding a bookmark from the...
kde5 plasma5 chrome activities linux unix extension kde plasma
19 hours ago

Menu Bar Toggler

Various KDE Stuff by tran-simon
Adds a shortcut to toggle the menu bar (panel) visibility in kde
extension linux menu menubar kde plasma panel toggle taskbar unix
Apr 28 2019

LyLibrary ITA/ENG

Various KDE Stuff by specialworld83
LyLibrary รจ un progetto nato dal fabbisogno comune di aver a disposizione un software in grado di catalogare libri, di cederli e nello stesso momento di poter farli rientrare. Questo metodo viene usato in tutte le biblioteche del mondo. LyLibrary non solo cataloga ma a una miriade di opzioni a ...
kde plasma linux unix extension
Jan 26 2015

Kaffeine power-control2 for kde4

Various KDE Stuff by Adenilson
This is the bar to access the most popular applications in your Kde and the Kaffeine player in your kde4x. Now you have two types: Fire and Translucent.
extension linux plasma kde unix
Mar 11 2013

Fix dbus segfault in krunner-appmenu

Various KDE Stuff by gnumdk
Here a patch fixing dbus segfault when using krunner-appmenu.
kde plasma linux unix extension
Dec 20 2012

Kaffeine power-control

Various KDE Stuff by Adenilson
This is the bar to access the most popular applications in your Kde and the Kaffeine player.
unix extension linux plasma kde
Nov 16 2011


Various KDE Stuff by bazhenovc
A very simple utility, that switches any X11 window to fullscreen mode without grabbing mouse/keyboard and allowing window switching. Tested with Sauerbraten and several other SDL games. Quick recipe: Just focus on the desired window and run fullscreenize :) It will do the trick. Also...
extension kde plasma linux unix
Oct 24 2011


Various KDE Stuff by hman
Comex Project is a cross platform suite to exchange commands with smartcard using PC/SC standard readers or smartmouse
linux plasma kde unix extension
Sep 15 2011

ThinkPad Volume OSD

Various KDE Stuff by vold
Just a simple python script for presenting the current volume level for ThinkPads. Thinkpad-acpi driver provides alsa mixer from which script reads and send information through dbus to Kosd. Dependecies: python-alsaaudio dbus bindings for python Kosd...
unix extension kde plasma linux
Aug 24 2011


Various KDE Stuff by Douglish
This task timer is inspired by task timer plasmoid ( It's for measuring how long you spend doing some task. It uses sqlite as storage.
extension linux plasma kde unix
Jan 08 2011