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Various KDE Stuff by keithhedger
Some eye candy for the holidays, including lights, trees, snowmen, pumpkins, flying sleighs and witches, snow and autumn leaves. This is along the lines of xsnow/xpenguins, and allows you to set themeable decorations on the desktop, you can choose ( at the moment ) either Halloween or Xmas...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Dec 23 2015

CodiceFiscale ITA/ENG

Various KDE Stuff by specialworld83
ITA LANGUAGE: Il codice fiscale in Italia รจ un codice alfanumerico a lunghezza fissa di 16 caratteri, ispirato dall'uso biblioteconomico, che serve ad identificare in modo univoco ai fini fiscali e amministrativi i cittadini, le associazioni non riconosciute, i contribuenti e gli stranieri nati ...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Jan 26 2015


Various KDE Stuff by tartare30
KVirtual is a KDE4 GUI-frontend for kvm/qemu emulator The fast and easiest way to configure a virtual host. Not all kvm options are supported for now, but app is still in progress : * Memory size * Number of CPU * USB Support * Snapshot * Boot device * Display: none, direct (sdl), vnc...
extension kde linux plasma unix
May 05 2012

VYM - View Your Mind

Various KDE Stuff by insilmaril
VYM (View Your Mind) is a tool to generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts. Such maps can help you to improve your creativity and effectivity. You can use them for time management, to organize tasks, to get an overview over complex contexts. Note: So far VYM is "just" a QT...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Jan 18 2012


Various KDE Stuff by Seli
KDE OBS generator is a tool that makes it simple to package applications in the openSUSE build service for multiple distributions. Using documentation (and a tutorial) at it is possible to create .rpm and .deb packages for several...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Mar 25 2011

KDE Four Live

Various KDE Stuff by javierllorente
"KDE Four Live" are installable Live-CD and USB images based on openSUSE 11.3 containing KDE 4.6.0
extension kde linux plasma unix
Feb 13 2011


Various KDE Stuff by jmsantamaria
The KDE cookbook. A highly configurable recipe manager, designed to make organizing your personal recipes collection fast and easy. Features include: shopping lists, nutrient analysis, advanced search, recipe ratings, import/export various formats, and more.
extension kde linux plasma unix
Jul 06 2010