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AccuWeather Desklet

Cinnamon Desklets by Brahimsalem
Compatible with Linux Mint 19.1 1. To install extract to .local/share/cinnamon/desklets 2. To configure choose accuweather from the desklet settings then enter respectively you continent, country then city acronyms as follows: AFR|TN||Sousse NB if anyone can maintain this desklet please...
linux unix cinnamon desklet extension
Feb 07 2019

Desklet de Hora y Fecha

Cinnamon Desklets by LyrielAlkimie
Un desklet que muestra la hora en AM/PM y fecha completa. Ideal para los que se sienten cómodos con el AM/PM. Para instalar descomprimir en /home/YOUR-USER/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets
unix cinnamon desklet extension linux
Mar 03 2018