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Glava Radial Nord Color Theme

Various Stuff by lsteam
Glava audio spectrum visualizer RADIAL mode with variety color based on nord color theme - [url=][/url] GLava is a general-purpose, highly configurable OpenGL audio spectrum visualizer for X11. Displayed to the left is the radial shader module, or for a more extensive...
audio extension glava linux radial unix
Aug 26 2022

Advanced circular visualiser

Panon Shaders by iguesswrongemail
Existing circle shader didn't work for me so I created this one with all features I need
audio extension kde linux panon plasma unix visualiser
May 15 2022

Circle Visualizer

Panon Shaders by foolonthehill
Visualizer in form of a circle for the panon widget highly customizable for example - smooth motion - dynamic radius - bar width - bar amount - circle rotation - color rotation
audio extension kde linux panon plasma spotify unix visualizer youtube
Jan 12 2022