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pantheon dark plank theme

Plank Themes by hackan301
A theme meant to go with the dark variant of elementary gtk theme If you install elementary tweaks and switch over to dark gtk the plank might look a bit off. It was easier for me to make my own theme than to try to find one existing online. I still like the elementary gtk style, just wanted...
dark plank elementary pantheon linux unix extension dock
Mar 16 2021

Spotify Dark Titlebar Tweak

Various Stuff by hackan301
A tweak that makes Spotify use the dark theme variant for its titlebar. If you are a fan of that some applications are bright while others are dark, then this is for you! This tweak gives you a new desktop menu item (when you right-click the application/running icon) from which you can...
linux unix extension spotify dark theme variant
Sep 09 2019


Plank Themes by 170719
[h4][b]Doca Plank Theme[/b][/h4] Wallpaper Available at: [URL=]Powered by Linux X079 by 170719[/URL] [color=#e43100][b]Three simple steps to install this or other Plank theme[/b][/color] ( Note that this only works, if you already had installed Plank!...
linux unix extension dock plank dark ios mojave
Oct 01 2019

Elementary Dark Theme for Plank

Plank Themes by childishgiant
A theme for plank attempting to emulate Elementary OS's dark theme. To install the theme, download and place the folder in ~/.local/share/plank/themes/
dark elementary linux unix dock plank extension
Mar 08 2019

EngimoDarky Docky Theme

Docky Themes by zacipult
All credit on designs of the original Engimo theme for Docky below. This is just a dark variation I made that suited my desired look + feel. Feel free to use. Original Engimo Theme: Icon: theme Paper
linux unix dock docky extension themes dark osxtheme
Jul 27 2018