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Fallout Conky

Conky by wilbura009
FalloutHudConky created by wilbura009 (2016) created on Linux Mint ***Perfect on 1920x1080*** Please report bugs or general suggestions below. This was the my first Conky creation. ---Installation--- 1) Unzip files 2) Read myconk, correct paths and set to your...
extension conky linux unix
Jun 14 2016

Conky Dark Spotify

Conky by beli3ver
This is a little conky config based on Madh93 Spotify config [url][/url]. Also include some bars for cpu, mem and hdd.
conky extension unix linux
May 17 2016

Fuzzy Zeit for Conky

Conky by theMuspilli
# A Fuzzy Clock for Conky (1.9.x) # Version 1.1 - Apr 17th 2016 ################################### First English release & neue deutsche Version (in development: Italian version - sto sviluppando una versione italiana) Gives the time in a textual form by highlighting the right words in...
linux unix extension conky
Apr 18 2016


Conky by PCLynx
Another conky. Feel free to change whatever you like. Hope you like it!
unix extension conky linux
Apr 14 2016

Conky Red

Conky by PCLynx
A clean looking conky for those who want it to take up there whole desktop. Feel free to change whatever you like. Hope you like it!
conky extension linux unix
Apr 10 2016

Modern-V Clock Conky

Conky by Markospoko
Modern-V Clock is a futuristic, "properly" shaped clock for smart people like you who appreciate a bit of unusuality in "righteous evenlyness" Don't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you, trust me, I'm a doctor ;-). I believe in you capability to download and set it up, after...
linux extension future futuristic clock desklet conky unix
Feb 08 2018

Cool Cube

Conky by diabolist
untar coolCube.tar and place .conky in your home directory. everything you need is in .conky
unix linux conky extension
Feb 02 2016

Conky Gotham mod

Conky by tezalprod
Just mod the original Gotham for Conky. Enjoy
unix linux extension conky
Dec 28 2015

full-throttle conky

Conky by stinkyanon
Conky config based on lunaticorings.lua(link in the readme and the lua file) Its not the most comprehensive config but I enjoy it. It has root/home volume, ram,network up/down, cpu load, and battery life. I just want to say that when using this on a light color bg or a bg with lots of...
unix linux conky extension
Sep 18 2015

Mate Wood Conky

Conky by onetechbuddy
I liked the wood wallpaper in LMDE Mate Edition and decided to make a conky that will look good on it.
unix extension conky linux
Aug 04 2015