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KBW - Krazy Brain Word

Various KDE Stuff by joshuafr
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Jun 20 2005

Folding@home Applet for KDE

Various KDE Stuff by KevH
RPMs for SuSE 9.0 are now available! Folding@home Applet is an applet for the KDE panel. It provides a convenient and unobtrusive way to monitor, visualise, and control the Folding@home client software. Features: *One-click access to start and stop the client software *Graphical display of...
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May 07 2005

KPearPC (Mac OS X on Linux)

Various KDE Stuff by probono
Allows you to run Mac OS X on Linux (you must buy Mac OS X seaprately). KPearPC is PearPC 0.4pre_cvs with AltiVec support, precompiled for Linux, plus a graphical interface that hides the configuration file from the user. You can create a 3GB HD image with dd if=/dev/zero of=PearHD.img...
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May 05 2005

Freehand Gestures

Various KDE Stuff by nhnFreespirit
Here is a VERY early preview of a little something I am working on. This is mostly for advanced users as it is NOT ready for serious use yet.. Freehand Gestures allows you to open applications using pure, always active, multi level, mouse gestures not involving ANY keypresses at all. It works...
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Apr 26 2005


Various KDE Stuff by Braindead
KChm is a new chm viewer for KDE. It consists of kio_chm, corresponding kpart(so you can view chm files in konqueror) and a small viewer on top of this.
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Mar 17 2005

Collection of Dutch po-files

Various KDE Stuff by Rinse
Hi, 'Collection of Dutch po-files' is, like the name says, a collection of po-files translated into Dutch. The aim of the collection is to provide a cvs database with (allmost :o) all KDE-translations (and non-kde-translations)that are not present in This database is meant as a...
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Mar 08 2005


Various KDE Stuff by doug101
FlyWay is a navigational route planner for pilots. It allows the user to find and select waypoints (airports, navigational aids, and fixes), then calculates distances, courses, wind corrections, and times. Information about the waypoints is provided (including frequencies, elevation, fuel...
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Feb 24 2005


Various KDE Stuff by manaha
nTPV is a point of sale (POS) system. Although it was initially designed to manage restaurants, bars, cafes, and similar businesses, it's evolving into a general purpose POS. It uses DCOP and nkxmlrpcd for distributed comunications among POS (ticket printing), and uses PostgreSQL as its database...
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Feb 21 2005


Various KDE Stuff by Flameeyes
This is an applet for kicker of kde 3.0 that show the current stardate. It's based, actually, it's at 99%, the standard clock applet, with the digital only look, modified. It's not perfect, but does it work. It also display local plain time in the bottom.
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Jan 29 2005


Various KDE Stuff by parentaladvisory
### #By Daniel Zachrisson #This is a simple shellscript to control/get some info from amaroK using the dcop interface #I wrote this script to work with irssi, so I have commented out the calls to #the usage function, cus that would be very disturbing if it spamed it into a irc-channel...
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Jan 25 2005