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PabloGlass AWN theme

AWN Themes by pablomoreno
dock extension awn linux unix
Jun 18 2010

pack de temas (dockbarX)

DockbarX Themes by wish21
unix linux extension dock dockbarx
Jun 18 2010

Ubuntu mono volume control for AWN

AWN Themes by dinin
Ubuntu mono icons for AWN. To apply, simply extract the folder to /usr/share/avant-window-navigator/applets/volume-control and apply the new theme on volume control
linux unix extension awn dock
Jun 14 2010

AWN theme Into The Whiteness

AWN Themes by w0Rm210
No license, MOD IT UP! Feel free to repost your version. I made this to make it seem like it floats into the depths of the screen and that's exacly what it looks like :).
linux extension dock awn unix
Jun 08 2010

AWN Elegant Brit-like theme

AWN Themes by erikyo83
Awn (Avant window manager) theme inspirated to the elegant brit theme. All export option activated: contains Panel background colors, icons and tooltips, panel style & size, panel look refinements, extra options, configured effects
extension awn dock linux unix
Jun 06 2010

awn elegante

AWN Themes by nenelinux
My new version of awn elegante compatible with awn 0.4.1 I hope you like it I used the ddakji-clear icon can you find here: the all the suggestions and critics are welcome :)
unix linux extension dock awn
Jun 05 2010

Darkness theme for DockbarX

DockbarX Themes by adamantis
My first theme to upload here. This has been tested and works fine with DockbarX x.0.30. And yes, it is more or less a copy of windows 7s Superbar with some minor differences such as color tones etc. So if you are strongly against anything that reminds slightest of windows do not...
unix linux dock dockbarx extension
Jun 01 2010

Rock out Docky theme

Docky Themes by giovannirossi
This is my current Docky theme. I want to share it with you. It fits best with 48 Px Icons and 3D background ;) hope you like it and please leave me a comment
dock docky extension linux unix
Jun 01 2010

Dock theme for DockbarX

DockbarX Themes by bigrza
This is a Docky like theme for Dockbarx. It contains the normal horizontal theme and a special vertical theme (DockV) for the right desktop edge and you can freely chose the colors for the dots and other things. I hope you like it.
extension dock dockbarx unix linux
May 16 2010

Finery Docky Theme

Docky Themes by vududevil
This is a docky theme to use in Ubuntu 10.04 with the Finery theme (improved Radiance theme): Download the tar file, click on the Docky icon of the bar, then "install" and select the tar.gz file. Or...
extension dock docky unix linux
May 15 2010