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Computer Love Conky Pack.

Conky by dj-jesse
Computer Love Updated Conky to suit wallpaer. Conky and wallpaper in zip file. Thanks, Jesse
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Jul 03 2013

Conky Tech-Mon Reloaded

Conky by tuxkernel
Conky Tech-Mon Reloaded by Tuxkernel. Based in Tech-Mon by ArbitraryReason. Based in Future Blue Conky by Mucas. Installation: 1.- Open a...
linux unix conky extension
May 08 2013


Conky by austinbowen
This is a rewrite of the original and very popular HAL9000 Screenlet written by JayB and Allan Bogh. HAL will speak audio clips at timed intervals, on start, and on stop, if enabled. The darkness of HAL's eye also increases as the CPU load increases. He even blinks every so often, or if you...
unix extension conky linux
Mar 23 2013

Conky Ubuntu-Lua

Conky by caezsar
Ubuntu-lua conky with a new look and more stuff showing! INSTALL: 1.unrar the Ubuntu-lua.tar.gz 2.copy the folder Ubuntu-lua to /home/your username / 3.afer copying the folder Ubuntu-lua to your home folder add a dot "." before the name of folder to make'it invisible! Ctrl+h to see...
conky extension linux unix
Jul 18 2012

Space Conky

Conky by twodogs
You can adjust the colors of the clock, icons, text, titles, membar, graphs, the outline and the background. Includes the script, the script and the computer font! The 'read me' is easy to follow on how to install. You will have to make the script...
unix extension conky linux
Sep 11 2011

Conky "Zegoe Colors Ken Mix"

Conky by J3RI3L
My Own Conky Configuratios, feel free to modify it at wish. Just as I did with conkycolors conky-ken and Zegoe :P -> For the Internet Meassurements you need ton edit the conkyrc file into the "rcs" folder. In the Network part change all the "ppp0" to "wlan0". REQUEST= If anyone knows how...
conky extension linux unix
Jun 08 2011

Minimal conky and clementine player

Conky by AleAngel
extension conky unix linux
Apr 27 2011

jurank conky

Conky by jurankdankkal
please visit
linux conky extension unix
Apr 16 2011

TopBar Conky

Conky by Votritis
Inspired from SimplicityMeter(rainmeter) by choicebandscizor copy topbar.png to .conky folder at /home copy .conkyrc to home folder change wlan0 to eth0 if you use ethernet connection(line 81,82)
unix linux conky extension
Apr 07 2011

Simple Conky-Colors

Conky by Grindcore
The main credit belongs to the maker of Conky-Colors ( I have modified the config file, which was created by Conky-Colors, to fit my needs better. I thought there might be others who possibly like my customizations. You'll need the package "libqt4-dbus" (Debian...
extension conky unix linux
Mar 27 2011