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Dock And Unity Multiple Promo

Latte Layouts by Psifidotos
These are three layouts used at the Latte v0.9 Promo video. These layouts can not be installed from Download option of Latte. You need to do the following: 1. Extract the layouts 2. Import all three layouts to Latte 3. Assign "Unity Dream" layout to any activity you want 4. Enable...
bundle dock extension latte layouts linux multiple unix v0.9
Jul 31 2019

Hyper Plank Theme

Plank Themes by Riccardinhocala
Plank Theme based on ElementaryOs, but it works with every Gnome Desktop that support Plank To Install Plank: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/docky sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install plank To Install Hyepr Plank: unzip copy Hyper directory in...
dock extension linux plank unix
Nov 16 2016

mac OS Plank Themes

Plank Themes by nunezf
A dock theme for plank inspired from mac os dock. to use the theme simply copy the folder into "/home/--enter your user name--/.local/share/plank/theme" directory . Or copy the folder into the next directory: "/usr/share/plank/themes" directory. It would be really helpful you you guys...
dock extension linux mac macos plank themes unix
Oct 02 2018

Numix-SX Docky Theme

Docky Themes by leipero
Flat Docky theme made to fit Numix themes. 3 versions available: Dark Dark-L Light Installation: Extract tar.gz archive, open Docky Settings, click install theme, select .tar file for prefered theme, choose theme from Docky selection menu.
dock docky extension linux unix
Apr 03 2016

Enigmo Docky Theme

Docky Themes by Donaldp
Enigmo Docky is a Docky theme. Install instructions are inside the zip file
dock docky extension linux unix
Aug 30 2014

Docky theme : Doo Bop (2D, 3D, 2 colors)

Docky Themes by MadeInKobaia
A simple and sober theme composed of a semi-transparent background with a slight inner bevel effect. 2 Background versions : white & black (semi-transparent). Works on 2D and 3D mode (and of course on PANEL mode). Works with all icons sizes. | Install : Copy both themes from the...
dock docky extension linux unix
Feb 12 2013


DockbarX Themes by nale12
This is highly customizable dockbarx(dockx) theme. You can modified all colors trough dockbarx preferences dialog. To install theme unzip archive to ~/.dockbarx folder. This theme is optimized for dock size 40 px. Icons used in screenshot are ACYL with color #555555.
dock dockbarx extension linux unix
Feb 10 2013

Docky with black triangle indicators

Docky Themes by N00bun2
A custom build of Docky that addresses the issue of the practically invisible indicators when using a light or transparent dock theme. Built for x86 and amd64. Includes my custom OSX docky theme, just select the "Glass" theme.
dock docky extension linux unix
Jan 27 2012


DockbarX Themes by nale12
dock dockbarx extension linux unix
Nov 11 2011

Floaty Panel......AWN theme

AWN Themes by Votritis
To make it look like the preview you have to install "awn applets extras" I use applets with this order: [AWN Main Menu]-[File Browser Launcher]-[Separator]-[Launcher/Taskmanager]-[Expander]-[Notification Area]-[Seperator]-[Digital Clock]. Panel offset at the advanced options has to be...
awn dock extension linux unix
Feb 25 2011