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GNOMErunner for Mozilla Seamonkey 2.0a

Various Gnome Stuff by mld
For anyone interested here's some early steps of GNOMErunner, a suiterunner/seamonkey 2 theme using the GTK+ stock items and icons from the gnome iconset, resulting in a more consistent desktop integration on Unix. Just like the Firefox 3 default skin, changing the GTK theme and/or iconset on...
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Jan 05 2011

elementary Icon Theme for JDownloader

Various Gnome Stuff by canciman
ABOUT ===== This is an elementary theme for JDownloader. It is basically 90% based on the elementary icon theme set (so your main thanks go to Dan Rabbit), but some icons had to be taken from the Oxygen icon theme (great thanks to its creators), as well as the Tango icon theme (thanks as...
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Dec 22 2010

DBX big dock pack

Various Gnome Stuff by bigrza
Here are some dockbarx themes for AWN dock users. I updated the unite themes with new blink attention effects and fixed some bugs also made a version without backgrounds but bigger icons for faenza users and last but not least a nice mod of my dock theme with nice color and attention effects...
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Dec 19 2010


Various Gnome Stuff by chichovoto
Current version is 1.5.2 1.5.X releases use yad,not zenity,so the GUI is much better. Installation: Download the .deb file Execute the following commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/y-ppa-manager sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install yad Install the .deb file Gapt-multi...
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Dec 17 2010

Plano Window Applet Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by amoob
Window Applet theme for plano. All credit goes to panana for Plano metacity and uni4dfx for window applets. I didn't like any of the light panel themes... this looks very good with light panels.
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Oct 28 2010


Various Gnome Stuff by cbleslie
This is a direct replacement for the stock "Glass" theme that is deployed with Docky it's PPA. The reason it is a direct replacement is that improves upon the intended "sitting on a sheet of glass" look than it's predecessor. For installation see...
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Oct 06 2010


Various Gnome Stuff by OrphanShadow
---------------------------------- **What is compiz-indicator?** ---------------------------------- The overall idea of this app is based off the very popular fusion-icon tray application. The general functions should be similar. The app allows you to control the seperate elements of your...
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Sep 08 2010


Various Gnome Stuff by danyR
This's a preview of a [b]Sonar Artwork Pack[/b] I'm releasing later today. Sonar is openSUSE's default look and probably the best "vanilla" GNOME around. The pack includes Sonar GTK Theme, Fifth Leg titlebar font, Sonar Icons, latest GNOME Icon Theme (new emoticons!), openSuse's default...
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Aug 12 2010

RGBA Gtk+ module

Various Gnome Stuff by aleksey
Gtk+ module to activate RGBA in gtk apps. Use it with Cimitan's murrine theme engine instead of patching applications. Thanks to VMChaZ for help with debug. [b]Installation[/b] Just use PPA or (1) and (2) 1) Compile it: gcc -fPIC -shared librgba.c -o...
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Feb 23 2010